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  PBIA Speakers Bureau
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Topics include:
Market Opportunities and Requirements
What Is Personal Broadband?
Market Drivers for New PB Services
Ingredients for a Sustainable and Profitable Personal Broadband Business
The Economics of Personal Broadband

The Market for Personal Broadband
o Enterprise
o Consumer

Applications: What’s Driving the Need for Ubiquity?

Vertical Market Requirements
o Emergency Services/Public Safety
o Government
o Healthcare
o Education

The Bundling Effect
The State of Wireless Standards
Who, What, Where, Wi: Which Technology Wins?
Fraud & Security Issues
Technology Evolution: Are We There Yet?

Smart Antenna Technology

Evaluating Personal Broadband Technologies
Regulatory and Legislative Issues
The Business of Spectrum
Legislative Agendas and Broadband
Personal Broadband in an Election Year
Product and Service Requirements
Quality of Service
Billing Standards & Solutions
Roaming & Clearing
International Personal Broadband
Today’s Personal Broadband Services
Personal Broadband Today: Driving Tomorrow’s Requirements
The Wi-Fi Business: Hot Spot or Cool Down?
The Future of Personal Broadband
Industry Predictions
Telecom Trends
New Products & Services
Next Generation Devices
General Market Trends
Global Market Overview
Strategies & Vision


SpeakerThe Voice of an Industry
The Personal Broadband Industry Association is working to identify and clear the roadblocks to the creation and success of new mobile and fixed broadband solutions that open new markets, enable new usage paradigms, and provide new competitive choices for consumers. The Personal Broadband Industry Association provides a unified voice for its member companies and organizations and is committed to rapidly creating a marketplace for ubiquitous, affordable broadband technologies and services.
(Download PBIA Speakers Bureau Brochure PDF)

The PBIA Speakers Bureau
The PBIA Speakers Bureau has been created to provide organizations, institutions, conference and meeting organizers and others with pivotal industry experts who can address the issues, opportunities and key market, financial and technological metrics that are vital to the growth and success of the market for Personal Broadband services. The individuals engaged in the PBIA Speakers Bureau include industry luminaries, technology gurus, market authorities and operational experts with speaking experience and significant industry draw.

PBIA Speakers Bureau topics include:

  • Sustainable Services Economics: Creating Profitable Services
  • The Market for Personal Broadband
  • Overcoming Funding Roadblocks for New Service Deployment
  • Understanding New Wireless Technologies: The “A-B-G’s”
  • Enterprise Requirements for Personal Broadband Services
  • Broadband for the Masses: New Paradigms for Consumer Products and Services
  • Personal Broadband and Education

(Download PBIA Speakers Bureau Topics Brochure PDF)

Request Speakers For Your Event
The PBIA Speakers Bureau can provide experts to speak about every aspect of the Personal Broadband industry. To request a speaker for your event, please complete the PBIA Speaker Request form. The PBIA Speakers Bureau will make every effort to provide speakers for appropriate venues and topics.

Please request speakers at least eight weeks prior to your event. This consideration allows adequate notice for our speakers' work and travel schedules and preparation time for presentations, materials and photos.

Join the PBIA Speakers Bureau
The PBIA welcomes member and non-member advisors to join its Speakers Bureau. The PBIA Speakers Bureau includes top industry experts in the broadband and wireless industries and creates opportunities to educate, discuss and debate the issues surrounding market growth and success.

PBIA Speakers Bureau members are invited to PBIA-hosted events as well as external conferences and events. The PBIA has partnerships with a number of industry organizations such as the Consumer Electronics Association and the Telecommunications Industry Association, and provides these organizations with featured topics and speakers.

To join the PBIA Speakers Bureau, please complete and submit the PBIA Speakers Bureau Membership form.

Contact Us
For more information about the PBIA Speakers Bureau, please contact:

Margaret Donnelly
Co-Founder and Market Advisor
Personal Broadband Industry Association
(408) 568-5689



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