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"I think a good way to think of Wi-Fi is to think back to the 1970s, with the introduction of citizens band radio. Citizens band radio whetted people's appetite to the possibility of mobile communications. But citizens band radio wasn't the business that ever got commercialized into a business success. What became the real commercial implementation of that dream was the cellular telephone industry…I suspect the same thing will happen with Wi-Fi. But I believe there will be a follow-on generation of even more interesting technologies that will increase quality of service and add real value in terms of the security to work in a wireless world and the ability to extend the range."

John Sculley

“Riding the Next Technology Wave,” Dawn Kawamoto, C|NET News.com, October 2, 2003.
  • There were approximately 75 million residential broadband subscribers globally, and over 70% growth in subscribers over the last year.
    Source: RHK, Inc.
  • While the U.S. has the largest number of residential broadband subscribers, Korea leads the world in broadband penetration with over 70% of households and over 90% of Internet users.
    Source: RHK, Inc.
  • Broadband users are becoming increasingly addicted to broadband access, applications and content. For instance, broadband subscribers in the U.S. spend up to 70% more time online than dial-up users, and 33% of Internet users would rather give up their television than their Internet connection.
    Source: Nielsen/Netratings, Arbitron/Edison Media Research
  • Key markets like South Korea and the U.S. are reaching wireline market saturation—with today’s expansion markets to follow within three years.
    Source: McKinsey & Co.
  • Wi-Fi is driving the requirement for mobility and ubiquity. By 2005, over 95% of notebook PC shipments (over 40 million notebook PCs) will have Wi-Fi built in.
    Source: In-Stat/MDR

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