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Nitin J. Shah

Nitin J. Shah
PBIA Co-Founder & Executive Advisor
Group Head, Wireless Advisory Services,
RHK Inc.

Scott E. Slater   Scott E. Slater
PBIA Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor
Industry Consultant
Margaret W. Donnelly   Margaret W. Donnelly
PBIA Co-Founder & Market Advisor
Industry Consultant
Adam L. Stock   Adam L. Stock
PBIA Co-Founder & Market Advisor
Director of Sales, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Strategic Advisors
Dr. John M. Albertine   Dr. John M. Albertine
Chairman and CEO, Albertine Enterprises, Inc.
Maxine Carter-Lome   Maxine Carter-Lome
Principal, Wireless Marcom LLC
Vinton G. Cerf   Vinton G. Cerf
Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy, MCI
Connie Connors   Connie Connors
CEO, Connors Communications
Eric F. Ensor
President & CEO, Quiet Water Associates
Fmr. President, BellSouth Personal Communications
Chuck Ennis   Chuck Ennis
Partner, Mercator Partners
Chairman, CTIA Mobile Commerce Committee
Eric Schlumpf   Steven Kirz
Principal, Archstone Consulting
Paul G. Madison   Paul G. Madison
Kelley Drye
Tony Perkins   Tony Perkins
President, AlwaysOn
Fmr. Editor, Red Herring
David Spark   David Spark
Spark Media Solutions
David Witkowski   David Witkowski
Vice President
Wireless Communications Alliance

Personal Broadband Pioneers
Lee M. Gopadze   Lee M. Gopadze
CEO and Co-Founder, BroadbandOne Networks LLC
  Bjorn Kirchdorfer
President, Domaine Group LLC
Lee M. Gopadze   Stephen Morgan
CEO, Morgan Wireless

Marketing Advisors
Robert Mizrahi   Robert Mizrahi
President, Mizrahi Graphics


Nitin J. ShahNitin J. Shah
Co-Founder and Executive Advisor
Executive Affiliate, RHK Consulting

Dr. Nitin J. Shah has over 20 years of wireless networking and technology experience. He has led product and technology development in the area of 2nd and 3rd generation mobile communications networks, broadband wireless networks and WiFi systems. He has extensive expertise in mobile Internet networking, as well as radio access technologies, and the associated regulatory and standards framework. Nitin serves on the FCC Technological Advisory Council, and is a respected speaker at industry and academic forums on the wireless industry.

Nitin was Chief Strategy Officer of ArrayComm, where he led the business development, regulatory and standards work for a mobile broadband IP access network. Before this, he was Vice President, Wireless Internet Applications at Lucent Technologies and Bell Laboratories, where he led numerous projects on product roadmaps, technology development and development of intellectual property, spanning all the major wireless standards. Nitin received a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in Microelectronics from Cambridge University in England.

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Scott E. SlaterScott E. Slater
Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor

Scott E. Slater is a co-founder and strategic advisor to PBIA. With over 25 years in wireless and technology business development experience, Scott has been pioneering in the successful development and launch of four (4) personal technology markets.

Scott began his career at Arbitron as an analyst for the US radio markets. At US Pioneer Electronics, Scott managed the market introduction of laser optic technology and the creation of the digital media marketplace. Recruited for the birth of cellular technology, Scott directed the Marketing & Sales efforts for Western Union’s Cellular Division.

During the growth and adoption of the internet, Scott served as VP of Corporate Development for Commtouch, a global provider of email services. Over the last several years, Scott served as VP - Strategic Development for ArrayComm, a pioneer of smart antenna technology.

Scott’s reputation as the “Father of Personal Broadband” grew, in part, from his extensive work as a strategic business development executive and consultant to a who’s who in the global wireless, telecom and new technology marketplace.

Scott has also contributed as; the architect of the Personal Communications and Computing Initiative, a Founder of the Internet Business Development Forum, an advisory board member to several wireless publications and was elected a Fellow at the Radio Club of America.

Scott also serves on the business advisory board for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

A developmental psychology major at Boston University, Scott continues to be inspired by people he has met and by his 5 year old son, Jared.

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Margaret W. DonnellyMargaret W. Donnelly
Co-Founder and Market Advisor

Margaret Donnelly is currently a senior consultant in the broadband and wireless industries and a co-founder and market advisor of the Personal Broadband Industry Association. Most recently, Margaret was with ArrayComm, Inc., driving the effort to engage strategic partners and investors for the deployment and adoption of iBurst™ Personal Broadband services in the United States.

Margaret’s current work is a logical extension of her 18-year career in the technology industry – including ten years in the wireless arena – in various marketing, business development and corporate development roles at companies such as SkyTel, Commtouch, Pyramid Technology and Informix Software. Throughout her career, Margaret has focused her efforts on building relationships between people and companies that result in new products, services and technologies that help companies grow and prosper as well as improve the way people communicate, work and live. Margaret has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Marquette University.

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Adam L. StockAdam L. Stock
PBIA Co-Founder & Market Advisor
Director of Sales, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Adam Stock has over ten years experience as a business development and marketing executive in high technology companies. Mr. Stock has been instrumental in establishing, integrating and implementing product strategy at several high technology, broadband media, wireless and broadband companies including Veon, Inc. (acquired by Philips), Adobe Systems (ADBE), Electronics for Imaging, Inc. (EFII), and Liberate Technologies (LBRT).

In addition Mr. Stock has assisted multiple emerging companies in developing their sales and marketing strategies, in the Internet, wireless and broadband industries. Mr. Stock has recently joined Dorsey & Whitney, LLP to establish a field sales organization.

Mr. Stock has been involved in many industry standards and industry organizations over the past ten years. He currently sits on the board of the Legal Sales and Service Organization and is Co-founder of the Personal Broadband Industry Association. He received a B.S. degree from the departments of Computer Science and MB&B (Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry), Yale University, New Haven, CT.

Mr Stock was named "Motivator of the Year 2003" by Sales and Marketing Managament Magazine.

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Dr. John M. AlbertineDr. John M. Albertine
Chairman and CEO, Albertine Enterprises, Inc.

Dr. John M. Albertine is Chairman and CEO of Albertine Enterprises, Inc. Formerly, Dr. Albertine was Vice Chairman of the Fruit of the Loom Company. Prior to joining Fruit of the Loom in 1986, he was the President of the American Business Conference, a coalition of 100 medium-size, fast growing companies based in Washington, DC. The American Business Conference was founded by Arthur Levitt, Jr., to whom Dr. Albertine reported.

Dr. Albertine worked for Senator Lloyd Bentsen, Democrat of Texas, for six years and served as the Executive Director of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee when Senator Bentsen was its Chairman.

In May of 1987, Dr. Albertine was appointed by President Reagan as Chairman of a Presidential Commission on Aviation Safety. The Commission issued its report to the President in April 1988.

Dr. Albertine holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Virginia. Presently, Dr. Albertine is on the boards of several New York Stock Exchange companies: American Precision Industries, Inc., Buffalo, New York; Thermo Electron Corporation, Waltham, Massachusetts; and BBN, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition he is also the director of an American Stock Exchange company, Interrnagnetics General, Latham, New York.

Dr. Albertine is frequently heard on National Public Radio's Market Place, appears on ABC and NBC television and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, Business Week, and Fortune magazine.

In recent years, Dr. Albertine has been on several Outward Bound excursions headed by Arthur Levitt, Jr. He currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with his wife, Mona, and their three daughters.

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Eric F. EnsorEric F. Ensor
President & CEO, Quiet Water Associates

Mr. Ensor is currently the President of Quiet Water Associates, LLC, a boutique consulting firm providing strategic consulting services to private equity firms and early stage ventures. His consulting is focused on developing ideas and forming management structures to pursue key opportunities in the wireless telecommunications space, preparing for a rebound in the funding environment.

Before forming Quiet Water Associates, Mr. Ensor served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Networks, Inc. He led the development of this early-stage venture-backed telecommunications company focused on providing “last mile” connectivity to underserved markets across the US. Mr. Ensor built a top-flight management team and developed an investment-grade business plan to deploy specific network assets, products and services. He led a fund raising effort to raise $250 million of equity and led ongoing efforts to evolve the plan in light of worsening financial marketplace conditions in late 2000 and through most of 2001.

Before joining Evolution Networks, Mr. Ensor served as President and Chief Operating Officer for Telecom Wireless Solutions (TWS), a leading developer of telecommunications solutions. Mr. Ensor’s prime responsibility was the development of the Blue Sky joint venture, set up to obtain wireless licenses in the Americas, as well as providing managerial support to the operating divisions of TWS.

Prior to TWS, Mr. Ensor was with BellSouth Personal Communications, Inc., where he served as President of the start-up organization from 1994-1998. Under Mr. Ensor’s leadership, the BellSouth PCS system grew into one of the leading PCS operations in the US. Mr. Ensor was responsible for: business plan development; ground-up construction of the network; establishing the organization; and start-up and rapid growth of the business. He directed the investment of $600 million of capital and held complete P&L accountability, including engineering, operations, sales, marketing and finance. During Mr. Ensor’s tenure, BellSouth’s PCS business grew to over 300,000 customers, employed nearly 1,100 people, and in 1998, generated over $100 million in revenue, with service in the Carolinas, eastern Tennessee and coastal Georgia, while setting new standards for rapid and cost effective wireless system deployment. As part of this effort, Mr. Ensor managed the build-out of 1,000 wireless sites within 24 months and demonstrated the strategic foresight to establish a significant carrier co-location line of business on BellSouth’s owned sites.

While at BellSouth, Mr. Ensor held a series of key management roles, including Assistant Vice President for Worldwide Wireless Strategy and Chief Strategist for BellSouth Enterprises, Inc., where he managed multiple implementation and support teams, and was a key participant in wireless mergers and acquisitions.

Prior to joining BellSouth, Mr. Ensor was Vice President and General Manager for Nynex Mobile Communications, where he was intimately involved with the creation of Nynex’s cellular operations. While at Nynex Mobile, he also directed the company’s paging division. Previously, Mr. Ensor worked for AT&T and Motorola.

Mr. Ensor holds a BA from Duke University and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

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Vinton G. CerfVinton G. Cerf
Sr. Vice President of Technology Strategy, MCI

Vinton G. Cerf is senior vice president of Technology Strategy for MCI. In this role, Cerf is responsible for helping to guide corporate strategy development from the technical perspective. In the fast moving world of telecommunications and Internet technology development, technical capabilities can have a critical impact on the success of corporate business strategies including product and service development, infrastructure investment and strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

Previously, Cerf served as senior vice president of Architecture and Technology, leading a team of architects and engineers to design advanced networking frameworks including Internet-based solutions for delivering a combination of data, information, voice and video services for business and consumer use.

Widely known as one of the "Fathers of the Internet," Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet. In December 1997, President Clinton presented the U.S. National Medal of Technology to Cerf and his partner, Robert E. Kahn, for founding and developing the Internet.

Prior to rejoining MCI in 1994, Cerf was vice president of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI). As vice president of MCI Digital Information Services from 1982-1986, he led the engineering of MCI Mail, the first commercial email service to be connected to the Internet.

During his tenure from 1976-1982 with the U.S. Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Cerf played a key role leading the development of Internet and Internet-related data packet and security technologies.

Vint Cerf serves as chairman of the board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Cerf served as founding president of the Internet Society from 1992-1995 and in 1999 served a term as chairman of the Board. In addition, Cerf is honorary chairman of the IPv6 Forum, dedicated to raising awareness and speeding introduction of the new Internet protocol. Cerf served as a member of the U.S. Presidential Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) from 1997 to 2001 and serves on several national, state and industry committees focused on cyber-security. Cerf sits on the Board of Directors for the Endowment for Excellence in Education, Folger Shakespeare Library, Gallaudet University, the MarcoPolo Foundation, Digex, Incorporated, Avanex Corporation, Nuance Corporation, CoSine Corporation and the Hynomics Corporation. Cerf is a Fellow of the IEEE, ACM, and American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the International Engineering Consortium, the Computer History Museum and the National Academy of Engineering.

Cerf is a recipient of numerous awards and commendations in connection with his work on the Internet. These include the Marconi Fellowship, Charles Stark Draper award of the National Academy of Engineering, the Prince of Asturias award for science and technology, the Alexander Graham Bell Award presented by the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, the NEC Computer and Communications Prize, the Silver Medal of the International Telecommunications Union, the IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal, the IEEE Koji Kobayashi Award, the ACM Software and Systems Award, the ACM SIGCOMM Award, the Computer and Communications Industries Association Industry Legend Award, the Yuri Rubinsky Web Award, the Kilby Award , the Yankee Group/Interop/Network World Lifetime Achievement Award, the George R. Stibitz Award, the Werner Wolter Award, the Andrew Saks Engineering Award, the IEEE Third Millennium Medal, the Computerworld/Smithsonian Leadership Award, the J.D. Edwards Leadership Award for Collaboration, World Institute on Disability Annual award and the Library of Congress Bicentennial Living Legend medal.

In December 1994, People magazine identified Cerf as one of that year's "25 Most Intriguing People."

In addition to his work on behalf of WorldCom and the Internet, Cerf has served as a technical advisor to production for "Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict." and made a special guest appearance on the program in May 1998. Cerf has appeared on television programs NextWave with Leonard Nimoy and on World Business Review with Alexander Haig and Caspar Weinberger. Cerf also holds an appointment as distinguished visiting scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he is working on the design of an interplanetary Internet.

Cerf holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Stanford University and Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from UCLA. He also holds honorary Doctorate degrees from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich; Lulea University of Technology, Sweden; University of the Balearic Islands, Palma; Capitol College, Maryland; Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania; George Mason University, Virginia; Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York; and University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.

His personal interests include fine wine, gourmet cooking and science fiction. Cerf and his wife, Sigrid, were married in 1966 and have two sons, David and Bennett.

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Connie ConnorsConnie Connors
CEO, Connors Communications

Connie is one of new media’s pioneers. Throughout her more than 20 year career, she has helped companies capture their share of the emerging technology opportunity, defining a new brand of public relations and marketing practices in the process. Her work for both traditional and entrepreneurial companies has earned her numerous awards and honors.

Connie launched Connors Communications in 1985 with the mission to educate the broader consumer audience on how technology can make a difference in the way we live, learn and work. Connie and her team have been responsible for launching many of the major technology initiatives over the past two decades including: the first personal and handheld computers, CD-ROM drives and educational software, the first networked workstations, online services, and new Internet brands including Amazon.com and priceline.com as well as assisting household brands – Consumer Reports, Disney.com, National Geographic, Nordstrom.com, The New York Times Digital – transition their offerings online.

Connie served as an advisory board member of the New York New Media Association (NYNMA), an 8000-member trade group dedicated to supporting the new media industry in the New York region, and also as its president from 1996-1998. She also served on the NY Governor’s task force regarding media and Internet development in 1998. Currently, Connors is an advisor to a number of investment funds and is actively involved in an advisory capacity to several startup companies as well as not-for-profit organizations. She is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

A graduate of the University of Santa Clara, Connors was a professional dancer and actress before her interest in computers evolved in the early 1980s.

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Chuck EnnisChuck Ennis
Partner, Mercator Partners

Chuck Ennis joined Mercator Partners in 2001, bringing extensive management experience with a practical knowledge of business strategy. He works with senior executives and industry leaders to build businesses and alliances that capitalize on the growth of mobile data and broadband technologies.

Chuck has more than 15 years of experience in strategy consulting, private equity and senior executive management.

He began his career as a consultant with Braxton Associates, a Bain & Co. spin-off later acquired by Deloitte & Touche. Chuck then spent time in private equity finance at Alliance Capital Management.

Chuck went on to lead several high-growth technology businesses in the emerging mobile data industry. He held senior management positions at TelePad Corporation; a systems integration firm specialized in mobile and wireless deployments. During his tenure TelePad grew from a startup to a successful IPO. Chuck then joined Roku Technologies, a venture-backed mobile data software company, as President and CEO.

A recognized leader in driving industry-wide initiatives, Chuck is a member of the Facilitation Committee of CTIA's Wireless Internet Caucus (WIC) initiative, and currently serves as Chairman of CTIA's Mobile Commerce Committee. He is a frequent speaker at mobile and wireless data conferences worldwide.

Chuck is skilled at working with executive management and industry leaders to develop and execute strategy; often using alliance-building efforts in emerging business ecosystems to drive new revenue models. He brings strong domain knowledge in mobile data technology and insight into the complex issues and challenges businesses face in developing and commercializing new technologies.

Chuck holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College.

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Bjorn KirchdorferBjorn Kirchdorfer
President, Domaine Group LLC

Bjorn is also a veteran of three start-up firms (2 in CA and 1 in TX) prior to becoming a founding member of his own firm in 2004. Bjorn Kirchdorfer has experienced the globalization of high tech business over the last 17 years. He started out in AT&T in the 1980s in International Marketing and then moved into software systems as part of a Bell Labs organization. Product Management roles led to Field Sales where he has been able to close deals on five different continents ranging in size from $1M to $300M.

As part of AT&T, Lucent and Ericsson (where he was vice president, sales and marketing for wireless), his main interests are in the areas of sales/business development, (channel) marketing and product management (strategy and tactics).

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Steven KirzSteven Kirz
Principal, Archstone Consulting

Steven Kirz has been sourcing IT and telecom services at large enterprises around the world for over 11 years, cumulatively saving his clients hundreds of millions of dollars per annum. His recent focus has been developing metrics with which clients can measure IT asset effectiveness and maximize the return on IT assets clients already have.

Steven helped to launch Archstone Consulting in 2003 with a mission to create and deliver the most valuable consulting services possible. He and his team are recognized as leading forces in telecom rate reduction among the Fortune 1000.

Steven has a BA from Haverford College and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Maxine Carter-LomeMaxine Carter-Lome
Principal, Wireless Marcom LLC

Since 1982, Maxine Carter-Lome has been helping wireless companies shape their market image; for the first eight years through public relations and marketing management positions with Telocator Network of America (today, the Personal Communications Industry Association, PCIA), OKI telecom, the world's first cellular telephone manufacturer, Cellular One of New York, and Cellcom Corp., the nation's largest reseller of cellular telephone service, the next six years as editor of Cellular Marketing magazine, associate publisher and founder of Cellular Integration magazine and executive editor of Wireless for the Corporate User.

In 1996, Maxine left magazine publishing to start her own market research and marketing communications company for wireless telecommunications companies. Maxine has handled consulting projects, market research studies, and ongoing marketing and communications programs for most of the industry's leading wireless phone companies, wireless carriers, industry analysts, trade associations, tradeshow organizers, and trade publications.

Maxine is the author of Wireless Communications 101: A Primer for Project Managers, and a Fellow and former Director of The Radio Club of America, the world's oldest radio society. She is also an editorial contributor to various industry publications as well as on many tradeshow programming advisory committees.

Maxine holds a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a Certificate in Sports and Special Event Marketing from The New York University (NYU) School of Continuing Education. She is currently working on her Master in History at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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Paul G. MadisonPaul G. Madison
Kelley Drye

Mr. Madison practices telecommunications law with special emphasis on wireless communications, Internet and transactional matters.

In the wireless arena, his practice encompasses a wide variety of matters before the Federal Communications Commission, state public utility commissions and the federal courts, including matters involving radio common carriers, commercial mobile radio service providers, wireless equipment manufacturers, competitive local and long distance companies, fixed service providers and private radio operators. Over the years, Mr. Madison has drafted and obtained grant of thousands of applications for licenses to conduct wireless operations, including cellular, broadband PCS, paging, 800 and 900 MHz SMR, narrowband PCS, 220 MHz, satellite and experimental. Mr. Madison was principle author of the petition for rulemaking that is at the center of the FCC’s millimeter wave proceeding, which will establish entirely new fixed wireless services operating above 70 GHz. He was also extremely active in the proceeding that established the auction and operation rules for the 1670-75 MHz band.

In the Internet arena, Mr. Madison represents some of the foremost global companies who provide the services that allow the Internet to function and advises clients who provide services through or for the Internet on a daily basis. He has contributed to articles relating to the legal issues facing service providers in Boardwatch Magazine and Web Hosting Magazine. Mr. Madison is a frequent speaker on legal issues facing service providers at ISPCON and other trade shows.

In the transactional arena, Mr. Madison brings the foregoing disciplines to bear. He provides counsel on the regulatory and transactional aspects in the acquisition/sale of wireless stations, including cellular, broadband PCS, microwave, narrowband PCS, 800 and 900 MHz SMR, paging and private radio stations. In addition, Mr. Madison drafts and negotiates service and vendor agreements, addressing either the sales or customer point of view, relative to telecommunications services, Internet related services and application services. Finally, Mr. Madison assists Internet service providers in developing acceptable use policies, privacy policies, including those involving HIPAA and EU privacy and safe harbor issues, and sales contracts.

Publications: Author of “Commercial Mobile Radio Carriers Are Entitled to Compensation for Call Termination” CommLaw Conspectus, 1996. Mr. Madison has contributed to articles relating to the legal issues facing service providers in Boardwatch Magazine and Web Hosting Magazine.

Bar Admissions: Virginia Bar, 1988
District of Columbia Bar, 1990
United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
United States District Court for the District of Columbia
Education: J.D., 1988 from the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond
B.S., 1984 from George Mason University

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Lee M. GopadzeLee M. Gopadze
CEO and Co-Founder, BroadbandOne Networks LLC

Lee began his career in wireless communications in 1981. He has held a variety of senior executive positions in Marketing, Sales and Operations at the wireless subsidiaries of Metromedia Telecommunications, Southwestern Bell, and AirTouch Communications. From 1997 thru early 2000, Lee held the positions of Corporate Vice President - Marketing & Sales, Senior Vice President - Network Operations and Senior Vice President - Corporate Planning & Development at Metricom Inc.

During his early tenure at Metricom, Lee was responsible for directing the company’s marketing and sales strategies to transition from a consumer ISP model to a wireless broadband business to business ISP Internet access model. In 1999, as a result of his extensive wireless operations background, Lee was given operational control for all site acquisition and network deployment activities for the initial 20 markets for the Ricochet high-speed network across the United States.

After his departure from Metricom Inc. in early 2000, Lee co-founded SkyRiver Communications Inc., www.skyriver.net a license-exempt broadband wireless carrier and served as its CEO/President until March, 2003. Today, SkyRiver operates in multiple markets in Southern California with revenues in excess of $1MM annually.

In September, 2003 Lee co-founded BroadbandOne Networks LLC, www.bb1net.net, a licensed spectrum broadband wireless access carrier. BroadbandOne is launching its first personal broadband access networks in Bozeman and Butte Montana in July, 2004.

Lee holds a BA from the University of California at Los Angeles and an MA from the University of Southern California

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Lee M. GopadzeStephen Morgan
CEO, Morgan Wireless

Stephen Morgan is a twenty-two year veteran of the telecommunication industry. The last twelve years have been exclusively in the wireless sector. He has held several senior management positions in operations, engineering, product development and strategy for four different operators in three separate countries. He also was Director of Engineering and Global Procurement for Airtouch International supporting operations in twelve other countries. He currently runs a consulting firm, which he founded. The company specializes in optimizing operations, strategy and product development for carriers, vendors, and entrepreneurs looking to bring their product and service to the wireless world. Consulting assignments have ranged from mapping sales strategy to developing business and operational models for wireless broadband start up.

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Tony PerkinsTony Perkins
President, AlwaysOn Network LLC

Tony is a pioneering media entrepreneur and a prominent opinion leader in the technology business and investment editorial world. Tony earned this distinction as the creator and editor in chief of Red Herring, which he founded in 1993, and the AlwaysOn network, his current venture.

Even as Red Herring's revenues were soaring along with the rest of the technology sector’s, Tony co-wrote “The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks” (HarperBusiness, 1999), a book that foretold the dot-com bust and warned investors to get out quick. The Internet Bubble became an international bestseller; a sequel was published in 2001.

Now Tony has launched a new media brand: AlwaysOn (www.alwayson-network.com), a highly interactive online network for technology insider.

With both Red Herring and AlwaysOn, his mission has always been to deliver the brightest thinking, the best analysis, and the most focused reporting and research for the benefit of entrepreneurs and investors around the globe.

Tony continues to chronicle the technology world in a regular column for the Wall Street Journal and as a television commentator for MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews, CNN, CNBC, BBC, and Bloomberg Television. His prolific editorial output consistently lands him on the list of top ten technology business journalists by AdWeek's Technology Marketing magazine.

Tony’s public activities include serving on President George W. Bush's Information Technology Advisory Council. He cofounded and chaired Silicon Valley's premier business and technology forum, the Churchill Club in Palo Alto, California. Prior to launching Red Herring and AlwaysOn, Tony was founder and CEO of Upside Publishing and vice president of business development at Silicon Valley Bank.

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David SparkDavid Spark
President, Spark Media Solutions
Media Advisor

David Spark is the owner of Spark Media Solutions, traditional and new media custom publishing company that provides editorial guidance to turn businesses into the number one voice in your respective industry.

Spark is a twelve year veteran technology journalist. His articles and advice have appeared in more than 25 publications including eWEEK, Wired News, PC Computing, PC World, and Smart Computing. You may have seen Spark dispensing his "how-to" advice and punditry on TechTV (formerly ZDTV) or heard him while he hosted Sprint's podcast, The Communications Insider. In addition, Spark spent ten years in advertising and corporate entertainment as a new media director and marketing creative. Most recently he left Publicis Dialog in San Francisco where he launched the agency's custom publishing and new media divisions.

To add a little color, Spark squandered more than a dozen years working as a stand up comedian and comedy writer for Second City comedy troupe in Chicago.

Today, Spark can be heard on the radio every week in an afternoon tech news segment called the "Spark Minute" for the progressive talk station, Green 960 (960 AM - formerly 960, The Quake and part of Clear Channel and the Air America National Network) in San Francisco.

David Spark lives in San Francisco, a city he loves so much he's become a local historian offering walking tours to locals and tourists

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David WitkowskiDavid Witkowski
Vice President, Wireless Communications Alliance

David has served on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Wireless Communications Alliance since November 2005. He now serves as Vice President responsible for strategic alliances, fundraising, and leadership of the WCA's Special Interest Group program. In 2006 he served as co-chair of the CommNexus (formerly San Diego Telecomm Council) Semiconductor SIG, and currently serves as co-chair of the VC Taskforce Semiconductor SIG.

David works as an independent consultant to wireless and semiconductor clients specializing in product/program management, sales & business development, strategic planning and organizational development. Prior to this David led Business Development for Wireless/RF at Cadence Design Systems, led Worldwide Applications Engineering at Xpedion Design Systems, and was responsible for launch and development of several programs at Tropian (a fabless semi startup which pioneered the development of polar modulation techniques for cellular and xDSL). He's also held additional positions of leadership at Verifone, ComTech, Apple Computer and the U.S. Coast Guard. David holds a BSEE from University of California at Davis, with emphasis in wireless communications and microwave circuit design.

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Robert MizrahiRobert Mizrahi
President, Mizrahi Graphics
Marketing Advisor

Robert Mizrahi, President and Creative Director of Mizrahi Graphics, has over 20 years of both design and ad agency experience. Whether expressing design solutions through sketches, diagrams, or virtual reality, his background allows for the strong visual communication of ideas.

A former Creative Director in some of the world's largest advertising companies, Robert has created award-winning campaigns for clients such as AT&T, Pepsi, Dannon Yogurt, and Nokia. Mizrahi Graphics has created branding, corporate identity, and website development for clients such as Merrill Lynch, Post cereals, and ESPN.

Robert is a dynamic public speaker and instructor as well, teaching seminars on the creative process, and Photoshop - the leading creative tool for graphic designers.

He is a graduate of The School of Visual Arts in NYC, lives in Westchester, NY, and has an eleven-year-old daughter named Halle.


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